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HI we're Angela & Gavin

Are you being true to yourself in business, politics and life? We’ve come to the conclusion that many people are not. We’ve listened to hundreds of business people say what they think people want to hear. But we’ve rarely heard people “mean what they say and say what they mean”

So this is why Talk Skills was born. We’re on a mission to help people speak with confidence and speak from the heart.

the owners, Gavin and Angela


Debbie Boon
Debbie Boon Senior Talent Development Ministry of Defence
Your work is unique and should be a requirement in the world of leadership training at the start of a leaders journey as well as for the senior leader because many get to a good level but haven't twigged on why they got there. Others focus on the wrong thing even though they have the obvious talent for more.
Bettina Bockleman-Evans
Bettina Bockleman-Evans Owner BE Forever Healthy
You really understand people and you quickly identified the essence behind all our messages and helped develop a strategy for getting our unique personalities, strengths and individual backgrounds across when we present our business.
Ed Fitzgerald
Ed Fitzgerald Management Coach Ed Fitzgerald Coaching
You have given me both great feedback and practical solutions, based on your clear expertise and knowledge. This culminated with me delivering an assessed training session that was described by the assessor as "perfect"
Ed Barnett
Ed Barnett Director Copier Mate
In short, it's difficult to sum up in words how good your session was for me, but all I know is I'm now more confident, more energised and ready to hit 2017 with some structure and gusto.
Liz Tobin
Liz Tobin Director Gingersnap Consulting
The day itself, at the risk of sounding cheesy, was mind blowing.


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