About Gavin

HI I’m Gavin

If you’re going to hire a coach or mentor, ask them one question: What have you ever done?

The truth is that anyone can tell others what to do in situations, yet only those with genuine commercial experience have been there, solved problems and achieved results.

I use a no-nonsense approach coupled with straight-forward solutions to help make businesses better.

Whether it be communication, growth or sorting out issues; I help businesses and their people become better versions of themselves.

I love helping others become successful, too. What makes me a good person to have in your corner is that I’ve been getting things sorted all my life.

I've trained and mentored managers at ASDA, bankers at Barclays, vets at Cardiff's largest independent veterinary firm and business people at Business Network International (BNI).

I’ve started businesses, grown businesses and sold businesses. For decent profit, too. However, it hasn’t all been plain-sailing. I’ve made mistakes, ran into trouble, even grappled with issues that threatened to put me out of business. Yet each time I managed to find a solution and get things sorted.

Through hard work, tough decisions and perseverance I found solutions that work.

I have a wealth of expertise to help you grow your business and your confidence.

If you ask me what have I ever done? Be prepared to learn a few things.

I talk clearly, I talk skills, I talk results.

I get things sorted.


Gavin - Talk Skills' Co-Founder