Talk Skills: Micro Courses


Lunch and Learn or Breakfast Boost

I know time is precious and sometimes it is difficult to spend a whole day developing yourself or freeing up your team to take a day out. So I've designed a number of short training sessions that are guaranteed to make a difference to your team. Below is a selection of the micro courses for information. I always advise a brief call first to identify your needs and then I'll design a set of micro courses just for you or your business.

Micro Courses are priced from £150 (up to 10 people)

Example courses:

Think Plan Talk

We all have to have difficult conversations. Most of us either put them off or dive right in and cause more problems. In this course you will learn a simple and practical technique that will help you have conversations that create change. You can have a tough conversation and still be friends afterwards.


Master your message light

If you can’t describe your business or your role in one sentence you can’t talk about it in under an hour. By the end of this session you will be able to describe your role authentically, accurately and passionately. Allowing you to connect with others quickly and effectively.


Presentation skills

We are always presenting, sometimes to a group and sometimes in a one to one environment. In this session I look at ten rapid fire tips that will dramatically improve your skills. Starting with content and moving through to delivery you will quickly learn new skills that not only improve their presentation skills but also the impact they have.